The Tree Looks Ok …

So you have a tree that has been struck by lightning. It may look ok, but tree lightning damage can be very subtle. In some cases, when lightning strikes, it can target the thick layer underneath the bark that we’re unable to see. As a result, it’s not uncommon for a tree to look entirely normal for days or even weeks and then steadily decline.

Pine with tree lightning damage.

Wow, My Tree Has a Big Gash

Sometimes, though, the internal damage is great enough to affect the outer layers of your tree. In this case, the damage will be very obvious with any of the following defects:

  • A slit or crack that runs down the tree’s trunk.
  • Chunks and pieces of park stripped off the tree.
  • Sparse leaves, or wilted leaves around the tree.
  • Blackened or burned areas of bark.


Can My Tree Die if Struck by Lightning?

The fate of your tree depends on multiple factors – such as its health, species, location, and age. The consensus is that if your tree was only struck on one side of its trunk, it has a good chance at survival. But if both sides are damaged, you’ll likely need some assistance from an expert tree removal service.


Pay Attention to Your Trees

Assessing the health of your trees and limbs involves effort on your part. Examine the trees in your yard, at least on a monthly basis. And follow tips and guidelines from professional organizations and websites like Tree Care Tips. At the first hint of disease or damage, call a professional tree service provider to take a closer look and offer recommendations.

A dead or damaged tree is not something to be ignored. Dead branches are not only dangerous for your property, but they may also endanger human life. It takes big equipment and experienced professionals to get the work done.


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If you have tree lightning damage, call Axemen for tree trimming and moreIf you haven’t had a professional tree inspection in the last few years, call Axemen Tree Service for a professional review of your trees. If you have tree lightning damage, we can inspect and assess the health of your trees. We are your tree service experts serving Woodstock, Marietta, East Cobb and Roswell.


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