Thinning trees is an appropriate technique for maintaining the health and safety of your trees. Thinning involves the selective removal of a tree branch back to the main branch or tree trunk. Typically the cut is made at the point of origin of the branch that is cut. Care is taken to ensure that the general shape and structure of the tree is maintained.


The Benefits of Thinning Trees

Thinning your trees is very beneficial for the tree and safety of your home.

  • The general shape of the tree is maintained
  • Pruning wounds are closer to the stem and heal more rapidly
  • New tree growth is stimulated over many growing points
  • Sunlight penetrates to interior foliage and allows more light to reach the ground
  • Some foliage diseases are inhibited by increased air flow through the tree
  • Tree are less likely to topple over from damaging winds[Tree topping is harmful to your trees]


Thinning versus Topping

Don’t be fooled by companies that want to “top” your trees. Topping is a severe form of pruning large branches in mature trees. The tree is sheared like a hedge and the main branches are cut to stubs.

The “price” offered to “top your trees” may seem like a great deal. But in the long run, you’ll have to deal with the “cost of topping” in the form of an unhealthy and unsightly trees along with reduced property values.


Get Professional Advice and Service

Axemen Tree Service will always prune your trees properly according to current Tree Care Industry Association, ANSI Standards. As defined by the TCIA, we recognize that topping is an unacceptable pruning practice.


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For thinning trees correctly, call Axemen for answers.So when it comes time for thinning trees correctly, call the pros at Axemen Tree Service. Axemen brings quality tree care service to your GA home. We are your tree service experts serving Marietta, Roswell, Woodstock and north metro Atlanta.

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