It may seem that trees are ageless, but trees do get old and eventually show their age. Branches and limbs die, and in some cases, the tree itself can die. So when the clues begin to appear that your tree is failing, follow these tips for finding the right tree service company to either trim the tree or remove the tree completely.


Start with a Search

So where do you find a qualified tree professional? Start with an internet search! A good tip for searching online is to use city-specific search terms. For example, you might us the phrase “tree trimming Woodstock” or “tree removal East Cobb” to find a list of relevant companies that serve your city or neighborhood.

Other sources of information can be from friends and neighbors. Your homeowners association might have some recommendations as well. Don’t be afraid to ask.


Qualify Your Prospects

Once you have a list of potential tree service companies, the next step is to qualify each one. Online review sites like Google, Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, and others may have relevant customer reviews. A Facebook search might provide some insight as well.


Time to Get Some Quotes

So now that you’ve narrowed your list down to several tree service providers, it’s time to get estimates and quotes. For each tree company you interview, be sure to review the following information:

  • Explain the exact work you’re looking for (trimming or full tree removal).
  • Have them inspect the job and offer any other recommendations.
  • Make them show proof of licensing and insurance.
  • Call your local county office to verify licensing.
  • Call their insurance company to verify insurance coverage.
  • Verify that they follow workplace health and safety regulations.
  • Confirm any need for city or county work permits.
  • Have them provide references to call.
  • Get a written quote or estimate – this should explain the entire scope of the work.
  • Ask about stump grinding and whether they offer that as part of their service.
  • Confirm that payment is due upon completion of the work!


Confirm All the Details

The written quote provided by the tree company should include a complete and detailed explanation of the work performed, including clean-up and whether stump grinding and removal is offered. Not all tree companies offer stump grinding, but just be sure to ask. Confirm yard clean-up and any other landscaping services offered, too.

Axemen is a tree service company serving Sandy Springs GA, too.

Pay Attention to Your Yard

Assessing the health of your trees and limbs involves effort on your part. Examine the trees in your yard, at least on a monthly basis. And follow tips and guidelines from professional organizations and websites like Tree Care Tips. At the first hint of disease or damage, call a professional tree service provider to take a closer look and offer recommendations.

A dead or damaged tree is not something to be ignored. Dead branches are not only dangerous for your property, but they may also endanger human life. It takes big equipment and experienced professionals to get the work done.


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Call Axemen for tree trimming and moreIf you haven’t had a professional tree inspection in the last few years, call Axemen Tree Service for a professional review of your trees. Axemen brings quality tree care service to your GA home. We’re your local tree service company, serving Woodstock, Marietta, East Cobb and Roswell.


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